Phone Cases are the New Fashion Accessory

We take our phone everywhere we go and our phone case is constantly “on display.’  The mirror selfie, the dominant photographic meme of our time, puts your phone case in bullseye position. 


Pebble Phone Case

Your phone is the one possession that is visible all day long in your hand, as you walk, on your desk, on the table.  In terms of accessories, there isn’t one that people interact with more, even more than our handbags.

A number of fashion houses all have phone cases in their accessory repertoire. Fashion accessories have been a way to accentuate a look and add to an ensemble with jewelry and bags among the accessories.  Defining our look while also being a key part of our lives is the smartphone!  Our smartphones are  “on show” and are definitely part of our style. It’s the phone case that you can utilize as part of your look.


Croc Phone Case

Phone case designs started out primarily to appeal to young women but this has expanded. People like to match their cases to their outfit or their bag. The popularity and usage of mobile phones have made the device from accessory to necessity and using it as a fashion accessory is very common.

At Goldbar, we have several leather finishes for our phone cases. Our pebble leather or embossed crocodile leather case and python leather are popular choices and are available in a variety of colours and of course can be monogrammed with your initials! It’s fun to change up our phone cases and to make them personal with monogramming.  At Goldbar, it’s easy to choose a case that suits your personality and to make it unique!

Python Phone Case

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