The AirPod Case is Trending

You might be wondering, why do I need an accessory for an accessory? Since apple dropped its AirPods, long gone are the days of stringy headphones getting tangled in your purse or backpack. AirPods have become an accessory and in addition to the case that holds them, it’s an accessory in its own right. AirPods are one of Apples most popular products. An AirPod case completes the look of an ordinary white case. Cases can be fun, personalized, and come with attachments that can be added to your keychain or handbag. 


If you’re looking to take your AirPods up a notch, then check out Goldbar’s cute selection of python cases that add a pop of color, available in 5 different shades. It’s a protective cover with a snapback seal to easily access your AirPods and comes with exposed charging port and can be personalized with your initials. 



Fun Fact: AirPods went on sale in December 2016 but the first mention of them is 5 years before in 2011. On March 2011, Jorge S. Fino filed for a patent for Ear-Pod like headphones that could work with or without wires. 

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