The Monogrammed Cardholder

These days it seems like the wallet is slowly being replaced with our smartphones.  Payment methods such as Apple Pay and Android Pay have become quite common. Until we can completely get rid of this essential accessory, we can downsize to options like a cute and classy cardholder. At Goldbar, we can add a touch of elegance to any cardholder with custom monogramming on any of our leather cardholders and wallets. 

Our cardholders are made from genuine leather and offer space for several cards along with folded cash/banknotes as well. The sleek cardholder is available in several colour options with custom monogramming available in your choice of gold, silver or rose gold. 

Croc Card Holder

These convenient credit card holders make carrying cash and cards much more efficient and easily accessible due to their small size and being able to fit practically anywhere you please. A bulky wallet can be a hassle and while a wallet is great if you have the room to carry it in, travelling on the go is much easier with a cardholder that you can simply put into your pocket or purse. A compact cardholder, designed to blend in perfectly with your pockets are an increasingly popular accessory. They fit nicely into the pockets of our skinny jeans, won’t bulge, and are easy to access in your pocket. Another big benefit of the cardholder is that it lets you decide what items are important enough to be carried around with you on a daily basis.

 Cardholders can be very stylish. Style is not just about your clothes, but your accessories too. Of all our accessories, our cardholders and wallets are the ones that see the most use. They go everywhere we go! 

Check out our best selling crocodile cardholder available in 27 different colours. Our men’s selection of cardholders are also available in a variety of leather finishes (smooth, rustic, crocodile, python) and many colour options. Our wallets and cardholders hold their shape and are resistant to scratches. A beautiful monogrammed cardholder or wallet is an accessory you will use everyday and make the perfect gift or even a gift to self!

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 Fun Facts: The wallet, the most essential of everyday accessories first came to be early in human history. It was first invented as a small, fabric pack with drawstrings typically tied to a belt that was used to hold the day's lunch and a handful of coins!

Since the invention of the credit card in the 1950s, wallets have evolved to include slots designed just for the rectangular shaped plastic credit cards!

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